7 Major Accomplishments of Ben Franklin

7 Major Accomplishments of Ben Franklin


When it comes to the major accomplishments and contributions of Benjamin Franklin, there are many to choose from. Not only is he recognized as one of the founding fathers of the united States, but he is also known for his incredible mind. If there is one thing that is synonymous with Benjamin Franklin in history it is invention. He is a famous inventor that helped to change the world that we live in with his discoveries and inventions. His list of achievements are many and they span different genres. This means that it is important to understand what the top accomplishments of Ben Franklin were during his lifetime.

1. Political Cartoon

It seems like political cartoons have been around forever, but Ben Franklin was actually the person to start this trend. He is the author of the first ever published political cartoon. Using humor as a way to convey political messages is something that was never used before until Franklin gave it a try. The political cartoon that Franklin created was published back in 1729. This was a huge deal not only because he himself published this paper, but because he also wrote different articles that were contained in the paper using various aliases. The political cartoon that he made was actually extremely popular and became a symbol of unity at the time that it was published.

2. Almanac

Another of Franklin’s major accomplishments is the publishing of Poor Richard’s Almanac. His almanac was extremely popular and it actually sold over 10,000 copies each year. It was such a major book that it was actually translated into Italian. It is the Almanac by Ben Franklin that changed the way that information was learned.

3. Lightening Rod

Ben Franklin was extremely fascinated by electricity It was his goal to actually try to challenge the popular theory at the time that there were two opposite forces that made electricity. He was one of the few that did not just go along with popular theory. He was always trying to discover something that was new. He held the belief that electricity would move from one object to another object. He was able to prove this theory to be true and in the end also invented the lightening rod. This was such an important invention because it allowed Ben Franklin to protect structures. In the end, Ben Franklin allowed us to understand electricity better.

4. Bifocal Lenses

Franklin is also known for the invention of bifocal lenses that actually became a passion of his due to his own eye issues. During his youth, Franklin had to use different sets of glasses to combat his eye condition. This prompted him to invent bifocal lenses. This is a type of lens that allows you to change the way that you see depending on the half of the lens that you are looking through. This means that the bottom part and the top part of the lens are not the same.

5. Fight Against Stamp Act

Not only was he known for inventing things, but he was also known for putting a stop to the Stamp Act. He was a huge factor in the repeal of the Stamp Act that took place in 1757. His fight to repeal this act that placed a tax on stamps made him one of the leading figures in the fight to pursue different interests in England.

6. Declaration of Independence

There are few documents that hold the importance that the Declaration of Independence does. He was one of the five men that was picked to help draft the Declaration of Independence. Having the task of drafting this document was a huge responsibility and clearly shows what a prominent figure Ben Franklin was during his life.

7. University of Pennsylvania

There are many Universities that have notable pasts, but Ben Franklin is one of the people that were influential in getting a university started. He is the figure that is most responsible for the creation of this prestigious university. He was actually the founder of this University and it is still ranked as one of the best universities in the country. It is a university that is known for research all throughout the world. It only makes sense that the university that Franklin founded would be the one that is known for being a school focused on the pursuit of information.

As you can see, the accomplishments of Ben Franklin are many and span many different areas. He was a person that had many interests, but was always looking to discover something new. He was a prominent figure during his time, but is also a prominent figure today due to the many accomplishments that he had during his lifetime. His discoveries and inventions really did make a difference.