6 Major Accomplishments of Condoleezza Rice

6 Major Accomplishments of Condoleezza Rice


Condoleezza Rice was the highest ranking African American official in the United States till Barack Obama became the president. She stands out as an inspiration for African Americans aspiring to hold the highest or the most important offices in the world’s oldest democracy. There are numerous Condoleezza Rice major accomplishments. Here are the most noteworthy ones.

1. Aspired to Become a Musician.

She wanted to master the piano and she undertook professional training. However, she realized that music was not her true calling and switched to international studies. She went on to become an assistant professor of political science in Stanford University. She became an associate professor at the same university.

2. Expert on the Soviet Union.

In 1980s, Rice was an expert on Soviet Union and worked with the then National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft. She was a member of the United States National Security Council. Post her stint at the National Security Council, she was appointed as the Provost at Stanford University. She was the first female provost and also the youngest in the history of Stanford University.

3. Served Under George Bush.

When George Bush was running for presidency, she helped him with foreign policy while taking a leave of absence from Stanford. She eventually became the National Security Advisor in 2000. She was the first woman African American to hold that post. She helped Bush develop the admission policies at universities depending on racial preferences.

4. Became the National Security Advisor.

As Bush was poised to win the second term, which Rice vocally supported and also campaigned for while being the National Security Advisor, she was nominated to the post of Secretary of State. She became the first African American woman to become the state secretary.

5. One of the Most Vocal Secretaries of State Ever.

She was a supporter of democratic reforms and propagated transformational diplomacy. She supported the policies of President Bush of establishing democratic governments in the Middle East. She had firm stands against poverty, to strengthen security and to have democratic principles integrated into the societies that reeled under dictatorship. The policies of the Bush era have been questioned over the last decade and so have been her advocacies.

6. Traveled to More Than 83 Countries.

This is aa record for anyone to have held that post till then. After her term in office, she resumed her academic career. She returned to Stanford as a professor of political science. She is a Thomas and Barbara Stephenson Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the Hoover Institution.