5 Major Accomplishments of Tycho Brahe

5 Major Accomplishments of Tycho Brahe


There is no question that even in the present, the accomplishments of Tycho Brahe are significant. However, when you add in the fact that he lived and worked as a Danish astronomer several hundred years ago, impressed doesn’t even begin to cover it. Utilizing far less in the way of tools and equipment than the scientists of today, Tycho Brahe accomplished a great deal.

1. He Contributed A Great Deal To The Scientific Revolution

When we talk about the great accomplishments of the scientific revolution, we absolutely must remember everything Tycho Brahe brought to the table. By all of this, we’re talking about a man who made extremely accurate, incredibly precise observations within his field. Even more remarkable is the fact that he did all of this without the use of a telescope.

2. He Came Up With His Own Instruments

Tycho Brahe didn’t merely guess at random, when it came to some of the observations he made during his life and career. He created his own instruments. In terms of the ability to properly observe the heavens, Brahe’s instruments were the most accurate available to astronomers at that point in time.

3. He Was A Talented Artist

Brahe wasn’t satisfied with being just an astronomer. Beyond astrology, as well as the idea to create and utilize his own tools, Brahe was also an artist. More to the point, he was a rather talented artist, as well. In fact, he was even a talent at creating prosthetics. After losing part of his nose in a duel, Brahe had a prosthetic alternative developed.

4. He Had His Own Printing Shop

Even with everything else he was accomplishing in his life, Brahe continued to push himself to succeed. A good example of this mentality would be the fact that he created and ran his owning printing shop, in order to create and manage a steady supply of books he himself had authored.

5. He Laid The Groundwork For Sir Isaac Newton

When we talk about the great thinkers of history, there is no question that we think of Sir Isaac Newton. While Brahe’s estimates and observations were not infallible by any means, you can’t argue with the fact that he accomplished a great deal. Even more impressive, he accomplished a great deal with only a basic range of self-made instruments. His work made it possible for people like Sir Isaac Newton to accomplish even more.