5 Major Accomplishments of Ruby Bridges

5 Major Accomplishments of Ruby Bridges


When one discusses the long, ongoing battle for civil rights in the United States, one has to bring up the life and accomplishments of Ruby Bridges. Over the course of her life, there is no question that Bridges accomplished a great deal. If you are going to study the life and achievements of this woman, you will want to go back over sixty decades. While she is known for one major accomplishment in particular, there are several other things that Ruby Bridges has achieved in her life that are worth keeping in mind.

1. She Was The First African American To Go To An All-White School

For some, it is amazing to consider the notion that at one time, the idea of bringing white children and black children together in a single school was unthinkable. Such a thing is the social and cultural norm now, but there was a time in history in which that wasn’t the case. The barrier had to be broken. The only tragedy about the fact that Ruby Bridges was admitted to an all-white school, the first African American to do so, is the fact that it didn’t happen decades sooner.

2. She Encountered And Overcame Extraordinary Racism

As one might be able to imagine, Ruby Bridges had to overcome an extreme degree of racism, as the first African American child to attend an all-white school. This was during a time in which lynchings were still common throughout the United States. There were many aspects of society that were still segregated, and there were many people who did not see why this needed to change. Ruby Bridges played a vital role in breaking down these things.

3. She Went On To Graduate From High School

By the time she graduated from high school in 1972, the world was a different place. Segregation was now common throughout the entire United States. After Ruby graduated from high school, she went on to accomplish even more.

4. She Received An Honorary College Degree

The year 1995 was a big year indeed for Ruby Bridges. It was during this time that not only was a book written about her, but she also got an honorary college degree from Connecticut College.

5. She Received The Presidential Citizens Medal

The life of Ruby Bridges continues to this day. She now works tirelessly to remind everyone of the horrors of segregation. In the year 2001, Ruby Bridges was given the Presidential Citizens Medal.