5 Major Accomplishments of Ramses II

5 Major Accomplishments of Ramses II


The more you learn about the major accomplishments of Ramses II, the more excited you are likely going to get. When it comes to the major achievements of Ramses II, there are several interesting elements that you will want to keep in mind. There is no question that when it comes to discussing Ramses II major accomplishments, you are talking about someone who has a rich, full life. His achievements and accomplishments are numerous.

1. He Was The Third Pharaoh Of The 19th Dynasty

At the end of the day, one of the most important accomplishments of Ramses II comes down to the title he held. However, while there were a number of individuals who held this extraordinarily important title, there is little dispute as to who did the most with it. When it comes to one of the most powerful, remarkable pharaohs of all time, you have to put Ramses II near the top of your list, if not right at the top.

2. He Is Responsible For The Ramesseum

This memorial temple complex can be found close to Luxor, but it can be found even closer to Qurna. While it is now in ruins, history recognizes this complex as one of the most impressive architectural achievements of Ramses II, in addition to being one of the most impressive architectural achievements of this time period. One of the items you can find here is the Ramses II statue.

3. He Is Responsible For Abu Simbel

These two gigantic twin rock temples represent another significant achievement in the life of Ramses II. This dazzling historic site was built to commemorate the reign of not only Ramses II, but his queen Neferati.

4. He Is Responsible For Pi-Ramesses

This ancient city in the Nile Delta region was established by Ramses II. The purpose of this city was to give the iconic Egyptian ruler a place in which to launch his campaigns throughout Syria. This city also has the distinction of being mentioned in The Bible, as a place in which Ramses II forced the Israelites to do his bidding.

5. He Was A Military Genius

In securing the borders of his lands from the Hittites and Nubians alike, Ramses II established himself as a powerful military genius. Furthermore, not only was Ramses II adept at protecting his country from potential invaders, but he was also brilliant at securing lands and military victories for the people of his own civilization. He accomplished a great deal.