5 Major Accomplishments of Justinian

5 Major Accomplishments of Justinian


As the emperor of the Byzantine Empire, Justinian accomplished a great deal, over the course of a reign that extended from 527, all the way up to 565. After the Western Roman Empire collapsed under the threat of Germanic invaders, Byzantine remained intact. Under the rule of Justinian, many historians would make the argument that Byzantine flourished.

1. He Expanded His Empire To A Significant Degree

Utilizing the assistance of his strong, wealthy wife Theodora, Justinian made the leap to expand his empire in the west. Justinian did not succeed in reclaiming all of that territory, but he did make considerable gains. Belisarius, who acted as Justinian’s general, also played a significant role in the success of Justinian in this regard.

2. He Helped Put Constantinople Back Together

High taxes left the people of Constantinople deeply unhappy. In fact, they were so unhappy, they rioted quite frequently. Justinian put a stop to this. Introducing a Justinian version of Roman Law, Justinian was able to bring down the frequency of the riots. With a strong measure of law and order established, rebuilding this crucial city became possible.

3. His Part In Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia quickly established itself as one of the most extraordinary marvels in the eastern world. This massive church was built as a dedication to Christianity, and it was a stunning accomplishment for the emperor during his reign.

4. He Conquered

If the mark of a successful emperor is determined by how much land they conquer, then there is no question that Justinian had a rule that was significant. Not only did he conquer Italy, but the leader of the Byzantine Empire also took control of much of the North African coast. Furthermore, Justinian even got as far as Spain.

5 He Utilized Others

Justinian wasn’t just brilliant and cunning on his own. One of the secrets to his success was the fact that he knew to respect the potential that others could bring to a given situation. For example, he greatly respected the exceptional, deeply political mind of his wife Theodora. He trusted his general Belisarius to handle military operations. His reign was a successful one for a number of reasons. There is no question that one of his most significant accomplishments was enjoying a reign that took full advantage of those around him. It could certainly be one of main keys to his success, during a reign that lasted for several decades.