5 Major Accomplishments of Genghis Khan

5 Major Accomplishments of Genghis Khan


Genghis Khan is one of the most fascinating legends in the history of mankind. He established the Mongol Empire which eventually became the largest contiguous kingdom in the history of the world. While many conquerors and military leaders have managed to expand their kingdoms far and wide, none come even close to the accomplishment of Genghis Khan. Here are some of the most interesting Genghis Khan accomplishments ever records.

1. Genghis Khan Unified Various Nomadic Tribes In Asia In An Attempt To Build a Larger Army.

As he traveled across and beyond Mongolia, he convinced the young and the old of tribes and clans to join him. He convinced some tribes to make weapons and armor for his army. Several tribes pledged their allegiance to go into battle with him. Many tribes agreed to help him with supplies and provisions along the route so he could travel light and his soldiers could depend on the hospitality of the people.

2. Before Becoming a Khan, Genghis Was Popular, Powerful, and Extremely Deft Warrior.

He was yet to be a leader. His winning the support of the tribes augured well and then he decided to make his army more efficient by allowing women and children along with the elderly to stay back managing the huts or tents while the young and strong men fought the battles. Back in the early thirteenth century, not many military leaders were into strategies. Most battles were fought among savages. Genghis emerged as a strategist in such an era.

3. Once Khan, Genghis Worked on the Expansion of the Mongolian Empire.

He won the confidence of all the tribes and clans in Mongolia that he would further the interests of the people and the empire. He also initiated military and economic reforms that helped in expansion of the army and the surge in trade. It was during his reign that the first known effective windmills came up in China.

4. Invasion of China.

Till then, China had thwarted attempts by many forces. Although there were dynasties within China at war with one another, not many foreign forces could find a foothold, neither the Persians nor the Europeans. Genghis Khan did not just invade China but gained control of all the land to the western flank of the Great Wall of China.

5. Conquered Almost All of Western Asia.

He also ventured far out to the eastern front, as far as Otrar. He also defeated the Russians across the Caucasus.