5 Major Accomplishments of Copernicus

5 Major Accomplishments of Copernicus


When we discuss the history of astronomy, we will eventually get around to the greatest astronomers of all time. If you were to make up such a list, there is no question that you would have to make space for Nicolas Copernicus. Taken as a whole, it is hard to imagine that you could even tell the history of astronomy, without mentioning his sizable list of accomplishments.

1. He Is Widely Considered To Be The Father Of Modern Astronomy

What would have happened to the development of astronomy, had it not been for the accomplishments of Nicolas Copernicus? While this is difficult to say for certain, it is clear that to many people, Copernicus is the father of modern astronomy. In order to achieve that title, there is no question that he had to have accomplished a great deal.

2. He Was A Renaissance Student

One could make the argument that Copernicus remained a student for the rest of his life. To that end, it is worth noting that he studied extensively in such categories as math, philosophy, astronomy, and astrology.

3. He Kept Busy

Beyond the fact that he worked and accomplished a great deal as an astronomer, Copernicus worked in a wide range of additional factors. Over the course of his life, Nicolas Copernicus also worked at collecting taxes, as a doctor, and even as a military governor. Furthermore, Copernicus also worked as a judge, as well as a vicar/general of canon law. Although he is primarily remembered today for his achievements in astronomy, there is no question that Copernicus found success in a number of arenas, and that his mind was one of constant curiosity.

4. He Told Us The Earth Was Not Stationary

Not only was Copernicus the one who made it clear that the earth was not stationary, but he was also the man who also believed that the world turned on its access once per day. He also had serious doubts the planet earth was the middle of the universe.

5. He Wrote De Revolutions

When it comes to the great books that helped to lay the foundation for modern astronomy, you certainly have to place Copernicus’ De Revolutions somewhere near the top of the list. This was easily the most success work Copernicus released while he was alive. It is remembered to this day as the most famous work associated with Copernicus.

These accomplishments of Nicolas Copernicus should be kept in mind. They should be celebrated.