5 Major Accomplishments of Bartolomeu Dias

5 Major Accomplishments of Bartolomeu Dias


When you write the story of human accomplishment, you have to leave a sizable chapter over to the explorers. These are the people who explored the globe, making connections with other continents and civilizations. These connections would go on to influence history itself. When you talk about these great explorers, you certainly have to put some focus towards Bartolomeu Dias.

1. His Early Accomplishments Were Impressive

Bartolomeu Dias was charged with a significant task, when he was appointed to sail to the southern tip of Africa, in hopes of securing an avenue of trade to India. However, at the same time, it is important to note that prior to this appointment, he was already a man of considerable accomplishment. He was a Knight of the royal court, a superintendent to the royal warehouses, and a sailing master of the man of war known as Saint Christopher.

2. He Was The First Explorer To Reach The Indian Ocean From The Atlantic

At the end of the day, the most significant accomplishment of Bartolomeu Dias was fact that after being appointed to sail to the southern tip of Africa, he then went on to become the first explorer to reach the Indian Ocean from the Atlantic.

3. He Established A Formidable Reputation As A Leader

To a certain extent, the fact that Bartolomeu Dias was the first explorer to reach the Indian Ocean from the Atlantic overwhelms other accomplishments Dias achieved in his life. For example, in making this difficult expedition successfully, Bartolomeu Dias established himself as someone who was capable of proving himself to be a great leader. For this reason alone, he would be asked again for his expertise and strength for an expedition.

4. He Helped To Build Ships

Bartolomeu Dias accomplished more than discovering the passage around southern Africa. Later on in his life, he assisted in the building of several ships for one of his fellow explorers Vasco de Gama.

5. He Went On A Second Indian Expedition

Joining Pedro Álvares Cabral for an expedition in 1500, Bartolomeu Dias hoped to achieve even more with a second visit to India. Unfortunately, after landing in and eventually leaving Brazil, Dias encountered significant storms near-to the Cape of Good Hope (which he is credited with discovering .

One of the great explorers of his time, there is no question that the legacy of Bartolomeu Dias is a major one. His discoveries enabled further generations of explorers to learn and profit even more.