4 Major Accomplishments of Abigail Adams

4 Major Accomplishments of Abigail Adams


Having an impact as a women in history is something that is difficult too achieve. Abigail Adams is one of the most prominent women throughout history and is known for being more than just the First Lady. Even though she was the wife of the second president of the United States, she had a much bigger impact on history than many other women. It is important to understand what her true contributions were and what her accomplishments meant. Here are the major accomplishments of Abigail Adams.


Many first ladies are simply just someone who supports her husband, but Abigail was actually an advisor to her husband while he was in presidency. There were letters that were exchanged between John Adams and Abigail that are actually the best account of the Revolutionary War. The letters between the two not only give an account of the war, but also show how much John trusts what Abigail has to say and leans on her opinion. She might not have been an advisor in title, but it is clear in the letters that the president valued what Abigail had to say. She was a lot more influential than other women have ever been and had a huge impact on the war and history as a whole.

Learned Woman

What made Abigail so unique was that she did not have a formal education. She essentially taught herself and taught herself how to read. She is known for having an extensive library in the white house and would read many different works of literature. She understood the importance of education even though she herself did not have a formal education. She made sure that all of her children were educated.

Son as President

Abigail is also the only woman to be First Lady and to also have a son that was President. Her son was the sixth president of the united states.

Treatment of Woman

She was also very influential in improving the treatment of women. It can be seen clearly in the letters between her and her husband that she was looking to help women become more educated and to have more opportunities. She was for women having more equality and even felt that more attention need to be paid to the rights of women or a revolution would need to take place and she would fully support it.