3 Major Accomplishments of Teddy Roosevelt

3 Major Accomplishments of Teddy Roosevelt


Teddy Roosevelt is famous for being the 26th president, but his accomplishments cover more than just this prestigious title. He was known as a president that brought about quite a bit of change and is known for making an impact that spanned over many areas of policy. Before you come to a conclusion about the impact that Teddy Roosevelt had, it is important to learn more about his accomplishments. Here are the top accomplishments of Teddy Roosevelt.

National Reclamation Act

Most presidents are recognized most about the plans that they are able to put in place. Teddy Roosevelt began working right away as president to bring about major change. The first change that he made involved National Reclamation Act. This was an Act Put in place to begin irrigation projects. The Act was put in place in 1902 and the irrigation projects that were constructed were set to start in the West. He was the first president that was interested in making irrigation a priority. He had a huge impact on the development of the west as a result.


It seems like many people are now seeing the importance of conservation, but Roosevelt was one of the first to make conservation a priority. He was a known lover of nature and this prompted him to offer federal protection for land. It was the first time that the federal government actually made a move to conserve. It was a different path to take and he did get some backlash for his conservation viewpoints, but Roosevelt was not deterred. He still made conservation a huge part of his presidency and is now known as one of the first conservationists. There is a whole movement going on today that was actually started by Roosevelt long ago. He became a part of the movement before it was considered popular.


He was also known as the one that broke apart the power that Northern Securities Company had gained. When he was president he signed into power an Act that ended the reign of this Railroad giant. It was one of the first times that a huge giant was dissolved under federal regulation. Not only did he help to dismantle this giant company, but he was also a vital factor in the bid to end the coal strike that also took place during this time period. This means that he was very influential in the success of the railroad.