3 Major Accomplishments of Madam CJ Walker

3 Major Accomplishments of Madam CJ Walker


Being able to work for yourself and be a successful entrepreneur is really what the American Dream is all about. However, not very many people get to achieve this at the highest level. In order to be successful as an entrepreneur you must have many skills, but it is also important for you to be able to overcome adversity. Madam Walker is first female American self made millionaire. This is a huge accomplishment in tits won right, but she had many more achievements along the way. It is important to take a closer look at her accomplishments and understand why she was so important. Not only was she the first female entrepreneur, but she was also African American, which means she only had more barriers that she had to overcome on he way to success. Here are some of the accomplishments of Walker.

1. Hair Care

Walker was able to see the potential that existed in hair care and cosmetic products. She took this potential and turned it into a lucrative company that earned her millions. She learned how to grow the company slowly and how to make big moves along the way that would make it more profitable,. It started as a mail order operation, but she was able to build factories and even create training schools for hair care. She wanted all of her sales agents to be trained and thought that this was a key to success. Having your sales staff trained in this way started a new trend among businesses to make sure that their sales staff was fully educated on the products and services. This made her a pioneer in the modern hair care industry.

2. Hair Grower

She developed a hair grower that was designed to speed the growth rate of your natural hair. She marketed it to customers in a new way by giving them demonstrations of the product and allowing them to use it on their own hair to see how well it actually worked. This was a new marketing tactic and one that Walker implored to much success. She was able to get people interested in her hair care products by showing them how well they worked.

3. Honest Business Dealings

She was one of the few people that had success in business, but was still able to remain honest and have good business dealings along the way. This was not the norm for many others before her.