3 Major Accomplishments of Langston Hughes

3 Major Accomplishments of Langston Hughes


People throughout history are known for many things, but it was the words of Langston Hughes that allowed him to have the biggest impact. He was a poet, activist and a playwright that wrote about things that people could connect to. He used his talent of writing to convey real messages and to make a real difference. He was someone that saw the bigger picture and was looking to make some type of real impact with the words that he used. He might have more than 60 books that he wrote during his lifetime, but it is time to take a look at the contributions that he made. By evaluating his biggest accomplishments, it is possible to see the impact that Hughes really had. Here are some of the biggest accomplishments of Langston Hughes.

1. Poetry

Langston had a natural talent for poetry that he developed from a very young age. He started writing these poems by the age of 8 and continued throughout the majority of his life. He was able to get his real feelings onto paper when he wrote poetry and let is real message shine through. People were able to connect with his poems on a deeper level than other writings of the time. His poetry was focused on the beauty and dignity that existed in black life and he was one of the first poets to write in this way. Jazz poetry is also something that he is credited with starting. he was one of the first to mix jazz music and spoken words to create this new type of poetry that became popular at the time.

2. Socialism

He developed an interest in socialism and this led him to move away from teaching and to become more of an activist for rights. He was someone that was always looking to move equality forward. and he started to publish poetry in a publication that was associated with a communist party. This was something that was not accepted at teh time, but Hughes was not someone that would back down from anything that he was passionate about.

3. Humor

He even used humor to tackle very serious racial issues in his writings. He had the unique talent to take real topics and to present them in a new way that would allow people to understand and connect with them on a deeper level. He created characters that would remain a part of popular culture for some time.