3 Major Accomplishments of Johannes Kepler

3 Major Accomplishments of Johannes Kepler


Being intelligent is not enough on its own, it is about what you do with that knowledge and how you use your intellect to make real change and advancements. Johannes Kepler was a mathematician, astrologer and astronomer that lived during the 17th century. There was not a lot that was understood about the world at this time and Kepler was a part of the movement that was pursuing knowledge and understanding. The laws on the Planetary of motion might be what Kepler is most known for, but he had a lot of other accomplishments during his lifetime. It is time that you took a closer look at the contributions that he made. Here are some of the major accomplishments of Johannes Kepler.

1. Scientific Revolution

The scientific revolution took place in the 17th century and many people include Kepler as the most influential person in this movement. He is someone that cleared the way for new discoveries and new understandings to be made. He was always looking for more knowledge and was never content. He expanded on Newton’s theory of gravity and took this basic knowledge a step further with his laws on planetary motion. His laws were groundbreaking at the time that he discovered them and changed the way that people understood gravity in general.

2. Eyeglasses

One of his most famed inventions was the eyeglass. He was the one that came up with the idea of a corrective lens. If you are someone that relies on glasses, you can thank Kepler for this invention. He was the one that developed eyeglasses that were designed to correct common issues like near sightedness and farsightedness. Many people do not give him credit for making the first pair of eyeglasses, but he is the one who invented the idea and the design for eyeglasses.

3. Log Book

If you have ever used an excell spreadsheet before, you can also thank Kepler for this design. There were not Excel programs during the time when Kepler was inventing and experimenting, but he did create his own in the form of a log book. He used a log book to keep track of all of his discoveries and theories. It is his log book that was the design that spreadsheets used.

He is one of the few intellectuals that was able to make discoveries that were understood by many and had the ability to really impact everyday life.