3 Major Accomplishments of Elizabeth Cady Stanton

3 Major Accomplishments of Elizabeth Cady Stanton


It is sometimes difficult to look at the past and see how different things were at that time in history. We are so used to equality being a part of life that it can be hard for us to notice that there was a time when women had less rights than men. However, even when women were not given the rights that men were, there were some women that were speaking out and fighting for equality. These are the women that we owe the progress to. Elizabeth Cady Stanton is one of these women. She was a suffragist, activist and an integral part of the rights movement for women. She was someone that made her opinion known and always stood up for what she believed in. It is important that you take a closer look at the biggest accomplishments of Stanton. Here are some for the major accomplishments of Elizabeth Cady Stanton:


She was one of the first women to become active in the movement for women’s rights. This led her to organize a convention that a few hundred women attended. This was one of the very few events that was dedicated to the women’s rights movement and is what started to get so many different women informed about the major issues. Stanton was not someone that just should by, she was a woman that took action and started to make real changes. She knew that in order for the movement to have success that they would need to get organized and give the leading figures in the movement a real voice.


Stanton was also instrumental in the writings that she made public. In her writings, she made it known that she felt women had the right to attend medical school and should not be held back just because of her success. Her writings on this topic became very popular and many people applauded her to bringing light to this issue. She didn’t just say that women had less rights, but she gave real examples where women were held back and what changes need to be made in order for equality to be achieved.

Equality of All Types

She was not just a woman that pushed forward women’s rights, but she also fought for equality of all people. She was one of the people that was instrumental in getting the 400,000 signatures to emancipate the slaves during 1864.