3 Major Accomplishments of Edgar Allan Poe

3 Major Accomplishments of Edgar Allan Poe


There have been many writers, poets and literary figures throughout history, but Edgar Allen Poe is one of the most notable. He is not only one of the most famous poets and short story writers, but he also is known for focusing his writings on Gothic themes. He had a writing style that was all his own and he is still considered to be one of the most talented writers ever even many years after his death. He was a huge figure in the Romantic movement and his writing is something that has lived on after his death. It is important to learn more about the biggest accomplishments of Edgar Allen Poe. Here are the major accomplishments of Edgar Allen Poe.

1. New Genre

One of the biggest accomplishments that Poe ever made was creating a new writing style and genre that was all his own. He was one of the first writers that took a different approach to writing and veered from what everyone else was doing. He was not hesitant to create short stories that were unique and focused on topics that were new at the time. He actually was a huge influence in creating the detective fiction genre that is still very popular to this day. He was a big literary figure for science fiction as a whole. Many writers that came after him were inspired by his unique writings and the genre that he had basically created.

2. Gothic Themes

He was one of the first writers to really focus on Gothic themes and to make it okay to write about death in a new way. Many of the short stories and poems that Edgar Allen Poe wrote dealt with burial, decomposition and reanimation of the dead in some way. This is something that was not very common before Poe began writing.Gothic themes were not always something that was popularized before Poe made it so. Now there are many writers that focus on Gothic themes due to the ability of Poe to make it a part of culture. He was a groundbreaking literary mind that was not held back by anything.

3. The Raven

He had many famous writings and poems throughout his career, but The Raven is considered by most to be his best and most famous work. It originally appeared in the Evening Mirror and was one of the poems that took his career as a writer to new levels of success.